Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Acrel at ELECRAMA 2018 Exhibition
Time: 2022-10-29 | Source: Acrel

Acrel Electric Co.,LTD, an established electrical equipment manufacturing company in China, is participating in Elecrama 2018 at India Expo Mart in Greater Noida from March 10th to 14th, 2018. Jiangsu Acrel Electric Co.,LTD is showcasing its entire products ranged along with its four verticals: Sensors, Meters, Smart Lighting Control & Medical IT& Battery Management &Power System,Power Management System&Energy Management System& Remote Prepaid System & Intelligent Power Distribution System & Electricity Operation and Maintenance Platform Solution .

In the proceed of taking part in exhibition, Acrel Electric Co., LTD not only made the better preparation ,but also owned the exquisite skill.The high - performance electrical products of Acrel, which is harvesting a bright spot in the industry.Because of the completed specifications of electrical products and elegant samples display ,Our booth attract a large number of international merchants to visit and consult .Lots of  visitors have a consultation  with our engineer  about  technical difficulties  in the field construction.Under the theoretical analysis and technical guidance of the our professional engineers, more and more visitors are harvested by Acrel.

As a company, we always look forward to such opportunities to connect with all our customers & key stakeholders to highlight our new and efficient product offerings.

Through this exhibition,Acrel Electric Co.,LTD provides the high performance electrical products for visitors and purchasers.At the same time ,through the face-to -face communication whit clients ,we have achieved a lot or request  information of potential customer and master the development trend of electric products in the future!

For Acrel Electric Co.,LTD , taking part in the ELECRAMA 2018 is not only brand banquet of expand marketing ,but also a harvest trip!