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Acrel DJSF1352-RN/D with DC power meters UL certification
Time: 2023-05-24 | Source: Acrel

 What is UL Certification?

UL certification is a security certification service provided by Underwriters Laboratories in the United States. Although UL certification is not mandatory, it is a guarantee for entering the North American market. Products with the UL mark have high market recognition.

Acrel DIN Rail DC Power Meter

DJSF1352 DIN Rail DC power meter adopts LCD display and has the function of RS485 communication, energy measurement, data processing and real-time monitor, etc. It is suitable for DC energy metering of EV charging piles, storage battery, solar panels and other devices with DC signals. It is also suitable for DC power distribution electricity system of mining industry, civil buildings, building automation system and so on.


 DJSF1352-RN/D has beencertified by UL. (Certificate Number: 2023-04-28-E527278) 


Technical Parameters

1.Measurement: double DC input

2.Display: 8 bits section LCD display

3.Communication interface: RS485, infrared

4.Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU, DL/T 645-2007

5.Switch: Switch output-2 Relay outputs, 2A/30VDC or 2A/250VAC

6.witch input-2 dry contact inputs

7.vPulse output: A second pulse output, a energy pulse output

The Site Application of DJSF1352 in DC Charging Piles


UL certification can ensure the safety and reliability of products, providing better protection for consumers. It is also an affirmation of our company's existing factory quality management system and product quality. Only by following international quality requirements can we produce products that satisfy customers. Only by becoming a trustworthy enterprise can we keep on serving our customers!

Wish Acrel’s products a great sale in the North American market! We also welcome inquiries from customers of the North American market!